Saturday, May 28, 2011

sick sick sick

Ever since my trip back from Singapore, had been down with a serious bout of sore throat, cold followed by nasty cough. Every thing seemed so mild and harmless with the "free flowing" but otherwise non irritating runny nose. However, the cold and sorethroat refuse to go away after a week, hence had to meekly pay the doctor a visit. Considering it was time to get an estimate for my Hep A and B followup shot, I figured it was worth my time. Also was rather curious was is that funny looking keyhole op looking scar on my back.

Had my usual dose of antibiotics but doc warned against talking for a few days since I had even got my vocal chord infected. He looked up my nose (oh pray did i clear my snot this morning?!) and said it was fiercely raw and red. As a result, had to go home and sleep and to cancel the lunch date with my gf.
That was friday.

Came sat, nose postiively got worse and so did cough. WTF?! Isnt meds suppose to make me feel better? Obviously not.

Came sat nite, nothing improved. This is bad. I havent had any sleep for 2 days now. I seriously mean 2 nites straight where my eyes may be closed but you know u are not getting any rest. I tried boiling ginger water, rub tons of vicks vapor, hugged my hot water bottle to my chest etc. Tried everything possible. No help. the only time I seemed to stop coughing was when I was eating.

That nite was the worst! Literally had shivers and I was decked in winter gear wrapped under 2 blankets and still felt like shit. This aint good. Fuck, I was getting fed up with lack of sleep. My head was heavy and killing me since the meds were the drowsy kind but I wasnt getting any rest because no matter what position I took, including sitting up, my nose was completely stuffed up and couldnt breathe. I was like gasping for breath all the time unless I stand up. I was beyond frustrated.

Came sunday, I was ready to kill someone.
My partner asked if he should cancel his business trip for the week but I told him to go as planned. Coz I know there was nothing he could do for me. And with him gone, I had less thing to worry. Less laundry, less stress and mostly, I do not have to worry about his meals.

So off he he went on Monday and I spent the rest of the week tending to my pathetic sick self alone. It was kinda great really. I could cook my own porridge and my own minced pork since there wasnt much else I could eat, or cook fast. It's kinda a struggle really to try to cook with a heavy head but it beats eating those crap sold outside. Plus it sounds kinda strange, once u get into cooking everyday, you actually dont really want to eat the stuff they served out there unless it some sort of gourmet fine fare. Not being a snob, but you just feel safer with the food you prepared yourself.

The week passed uneventfully and how I managed to sleep without the aircon and sweater on the whole week was a miracle by my own standard, considering how much I detest heat. Advice flew in from all directions in facebook, with all the possible ways to get better. Alot told me to drink lemon and honey but I rem reading somewhere that lemon is not good is there is pheglm, it will cause more mucous to form. I wasnt sure but I decided better not to risk it since my nose is bad enough as it is. So I stuck to hot ginger.

By wed, I couldnt stand it so I went back to get my second dose of antibio and cough meds. The virus nowadays are vicious bastards. Canx kill them on the first round. Also got myself this nasal spray thingie from novartis. Not bad really. Help clear the air passage and stop me from wanting to scream and murder someone.

It's sat and while I finally get to sleep my first 12hours in a month, my nose is still running but hey, at least the phelgm is gone. My husband who got back on fri thought it was a little disgusting that I was pulling them out of my nose with tissue but it cannot be helped since I have yet learned the art of coughing those disgusting thing out from my mouth. Plus I didnt ask him to watch that silly bugger. You can try blowing but somehow it just doesnt get the whole thing out in one go. Once I yanked out the long stream of mucous thingie, I could feel the nose bridge area instantly clearing up and voila, came sat today, it's so much better.

I suppose it will be another week before I get better.
Till then, more shots. Canx believe the blood test for hep b cost me $300 here. Ouch.

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