Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meeting up with Hk gfs

Decided to have some Pi Pa Gao at "Hoi Ting Tong". Havent seen Deb for a whole while now so it was a good catch up session. 

We were discussing about the other strange night where our apartments were similarly invaded by these flying ants that were attracted to the lights in our study. It was really disgusting to see them buzzing all over in a huge swarm. Debby was telling me how she was waving her vaccum madly and sucking them up. That worked too except they are flying everywhere.

I shared with her my more traditional method. My husband had wanted to spray insecticide but I was against it because it was a hassle to move the hanging clothes out and my nose was bad enuff as it was with the cold. So instead, I grabbed a tall chair, filled a translucent basin of water, and placed it as close to the light source where those bastards were flying. Then switch on a torch light and let it shine into the water, creating a false light source. Then Turn off the actual lights and close the door and leave the room for 15mins. Viola, all the stupid bastards dropped into the basin of water and drowned. Just some spare ones wandering around outside the basins but you can kill those with tissue. No fuss and fumes free. My husband was suitably impressed and asked me where I learnt that trick from. The truth was, it was a trick my dad had taught me when I was 5years old. We use to have these flying insects there were attracted to lights and I was terrified. I rem my dad doing performing the "same trick" and that got rid of my fear. For some reason, it was so effective that it stuck in my head. Sometimes in life, we just forget the easiest fuss free methods and got so used to spraying all sorts of chemicals that isnt good for our health.

On another note, during the course of our conversation about other stuff, hearing her talk always make me laugh because of the way local HK catch phrases she would use. I just love the humour and witty sarcasm used by Hong Konger. Cantonese language is definitely one of the more interesting language I have leant to appreciate over time!

I mean seriously, when I first heard this phrase “畫圖不須畫出牆” (translate: when you draw, you need not draw it so vividly till the picture jumps out at you), I didnt know what it means till they explained what it was. It simply meant one doesnt have to go into such elaborative details. How bloody interesting to word it in such an imaginative way!

Another incident when my therapist was describing her very unpleasant experience and she was very angry over bad service in a chinese-run eatery, instead of just saying she was pissed or angry, she described it “怨氣很重” I was laughing my head off. I mean you can literally imagine a very angry ghost possessing her resulting in her unexplainable anger. 

There is something about HK conversation culture. It just gets very interesting to hear them talk. Even more interesting to hear them swear. If no way tell me they are swearing, I would never have known! Lol!

I think I like the way people talk here more than back home. I may be biased but I think Sg are getting too blunt and coarse sometimes for my liking. Am I getting crazy? To actually be liking Hk more than Sg at this point in time? I must be away from Sg for too long. 

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