Wednesday, June 27, 2007

After the farewells...Silent moment

Am reading my farewell cards from the "gang" and I laughed so hard. I cannot believe I am missing them already. Reminded me of those days when I was leaving my old company in singapore, but that was quite different considering i was there for 7 years!

I laughed so hard at the content. Linda wrote that "I'm so sad and i canx bear you leaving.. how will i survive alone in the future?" and Em circled "bullsh*t! haaa haa! And jo called herself "黄黄猪", OMG, I can almost imagine them bantering in front of me...

I'm just so glad my mum watched so much TVB video when i was young and thus building the foundation to my quick picking up of the language. Without cantonese, I would not have had all the fun and joys i did.

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LPPL said...

Wish you all the best of luck and hope to spot you somewhere in this globe. Bull la.. stop following me!!