Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wrapping up....Goodbye HK, Hello Sydney

My last day! I canx believe it but today's my last day and I'm leaving my workplace.

Been totally swamped the last week handing over my portfolio, training my replacement, packing my cubi, packing home stuff, settling my tax and MPF etc. Its crazy and trying to cut my bills in HK with PCCW has been the most painful exercise. I absolutely HATE them to the core coz they are so bloody useless. And MPF, they made it so difficult to reach them to withdraw your money. Its just a pain. Surprisingly, the HK tax department was the MOST efficient and i got everything done smoothly and there was hardly any Q. Thank god for that!!!

These 2 weeks have been busy running in and out of office and trying to meet everyone for farewell lunches and dinners. Its amazing how despite it being only about a year+ plus stint, I have made quite a few firm friends and I will dearly miss them.

Wendy was so sweet. She wanted to handmake me sushi for tomorrow but then I told her not to bother. Its stock take season and everyone is up to their neck and her dinner treat was good enough for me.

Kel shocked me even more. He surprised me with this big Swaroski Crystal Rose and I was speechless. Apparently he went shopping with G' after they treated me to lunch that day. I was so stunned that I almost cried at his sweetness. we will certainly miss each other and I told him simply have to look me up when they find the time.

I didnt have time to buy everyone much, so i just got them each a starbucks gift voucher. Ok cost me bloody SG$250 but i think its a small price to pay when u think about it in perspective. Everyone has been so nice and supportive to me from both offices and I have indeed been lucky.

My big boss had to fly off yesterday and it was a great compliment when he told me he had thoroughly enjoyed working with me and etc etc... It felt good. It does. I love working here coz I have learnt so much and each experience has been nothing but a growing and learning curve. I'm just glad that i was trusted to do them all!

My direct boss had to fly off today as well and it was pretty touching when he made the speech during company farewell lunch on all the work i had done. My HK country director asked me if i was going to cry and teased me" How can you not cry after all the great stuff he said!!" And when my boss gave me the parting pecks on the cheeks, everyone went "Waaahhh!!!". I found the reaction totally amusing :)

And all the good friends i have made, josephine, emily, ivan etc etc.... I will miss them soo much :(

So much to say, so little time.
So much memories and laughters.

I love my work here and it was a pity I have to leave so soon. I will so miss working with everyone and all the projects that I am leaving behind. Working in HK has been a rich, rewarding experience in this company. Much that we all have our up and down moments at work, I'm just glad that there have been so much more ups than downs for my experience.

Tonight, by chance, HK also said its goodbye to me. Just when i was looking out of the office window at Times Square, I saw a short fireworks display about 8pm++. I was so shocked! Apparently, it was a rehearsal for the HK national day this weekend. Talk about lucky! Haa haa

Well, time to move on and look forward. Another chapter of my life - closed.

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