Monday, June 18, 2007

Arrrrrggghhhh! Monday!!!

Today is the most impossible hectic day.

First, the new girl came in without my boss confirming she is in today. So that threw my schedule off a bit as i had to run outdoors abit. Told my boss to take the girl out for lunch since i am booked.

Then Miss Narcisstic (totally useless) and forgot to file my tax for last year. She is so stupid that she sealed the envelope telling me everything is inside. I trusted my instinct that moronic & spastic people like her cannot be trusted. So I ripped open the envelope on my way to revenue and confirmed my fears. So i rang her up at 12pm and demanded her to finished it by 12.15pm since she SCREW up and the lunch time for 12.30pm for the govt people. All she could say was "She forgot" in a mousy voice and still expected me to wait till 2.30pm. I told her to wakeup her idea because i have a busy day and i am not going waste my time sitting around waiting for her to buff her arse to get moving.

When i hung up, the tax officer laughed and asked me"She must be very inexperienced finance accountant that's why she screw up." I told him that "That is the bloody REGIONAL finance controller, with "experience". Probably spent all her time msning and busy scr*wing men on the side and fighting on the phone than use her brain.

Anycase, luckily the new girl is pretty fast learner and didnt give me grieve. So i could speed up the training to compensate for the loss of time due to useless Miss Narcissitic Disorder woman.

In between, my big boss came and ramaged through the pile and i fed him with more chocs. He looked "forlonly" at the pretty empty food basket. The HK country manager walked past as well and complain that my snacks corner is feedin her too well and making her fat. Asked me if i could buy something "less evil and tempting". Everyone laughed.


LPPL said...

What happened to the slow staff?

"Know Thyself" said...

The slow staff, i throw her back to her mentor... because my job to brief her is over. I told her to summarised what she understand in point form and email me and her manager. That shook her up a bit to be less stupid.