Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lousy HK woman driver - Part 2 (@7pm)

Picture is self explanatory.
I almost had the urge to ask her if she needs me to park her damn car for her. Her young son was bobbing up and down in his back seat wondering why his mum was taking so long.
"Don't buy such a big and huge car just for "flauting your wealth" if you cannot drive and park. "
i am only thankful that her designated lot is NOT next to mine. her rear mirror was almost touching the other car when i walked past her.
Note: * I only drew 5 pink arrows because that's the only way i wont clutter my diagram. In reality, after 3 mins (>10 attempts (according to my cd song), she still wasnt parked. And I only started counting when i stop. I didnt count the attempts before i was in the lot and while i was parking. *Sigh*

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