Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hell's Kitchen

I simply love the show Hell's Kitchen.

Gordon is a shocker in the TV. Much that most people would assume that its just a show, and that he's a meanie on TV, I have a hunch that he is probably just as "demanding" in person (when in the kitchen).

I have been to his best restaurants, and restaurants of his proteges in London. They are excellent meals no doubt. From what we hear causual remarks from the kitchens in one of the kitchen tour, Gordon is really a tough mentor who expects nothing but the best from you. I guess that's why I was willing to sit down and be glued to this somewhat "reality" series, knowing that there is a degree of "realness" in there.

I guess what i liked about the series is the focus on the ordeal, the learning experiences and the fumbling of the poor chefs to be. Its shows you the multiple personalities, test of endurance of the individuals who apsires to be chef, and the ugly side of when "enough is enough!" by the contestants.
I cringed everything when there is some cracker (diners) walking up to his kitchen hot plate and asked for reason on their meal delays. Come on, you didnt know that Hell Kitchen is for "apprentices?". So these unknowing beings were unceremoniously talked down by Gordon, and only to be greeted by "hostility" and at times verbal abuse...
Then again, G.R is certainly not one with the best temper, but he is a real chef, not a celebrity chef, so i suppose he can get away with not having to be effable. His personality not only dominates the kitchen, but i might add as well as to his "TV presence".

It is strangely absorbing to see him in action, demanding nothing but the best. I love this series!! Too bad HK is only showing season 1 when he's already on to 3 in states!


LPPL said...

I watched the first episode of season 3 and i feel like they are being tortured. After that, I stopped. Haha.. I feel like wanting to go and give him a punch.

"Know Thyself" said...

No lah. I think he is being tough to train the, Gordon unlike us will not die from stupid people because he can let out steam. You wish you can be like him!! haaaaa