Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Snaps!

(I have "graduated" from work! haa haaaa")
(My regional countries trainers!)

(My happy family reunion lunch for my farewell)

(My most creative AS team!! Even when taking pictures!! :p
Oh I will sooo miss working on the "pet" website project!!)

(We decided to take a shot together with our common office "bf" whom we shared daily. haa haa
Oh days without Jonathan Meyers' soulful eyes begins...)
(My cool IT manager & my "sparring partner"at my half packed seat *next to J.M poster!!!*)
(Happy regional office girls!)

(This was a very amusing moment when she hugged me
and said she didnt want me to leave and pretended to sob...ha ha ha)
(My parting Gucci gift, just before my very nice Belgium boss zooms off to his flight
*Ok some of you can wipe off your drool now* haa haa)

(Err.. yes, he is single (& nice!) too by the way if u are interested :P)

(Farewell lunch)

(My happy "family" 2 very adorable parttimers came back just for the farewell too!!)

I took so much pictures that I have to start off loading them from the card. haa haaaaa. Was quite funny coz my replacement kept asking me "How come everyone liked you so much." Errr... how was i suppose to answer that?
Just rem, dont take the bad moments personally. We all have our good and bad times.

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LPPL said...

This is a good wrap up blog for your entire cantonese journey. Seems like ta pao!! Anyway, I will face that moment too soon and it's quite sad actually. I was sad when I leave my previous company. This time will be worst coz my colleagues here are very nice and caring.. sob sob