Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lousy HK (woman) driver - Part 1 (@9.15am)

This is what i think after being on the road for one year.

Minmally the cab driver this morning agrees with me on this "equation". The more expensive, bigger cars (including SDV) they drive, the WORSE they are!!! *groan*

"if you havent figure out what is wrong with this's a hint.

The lane of blue cars next to us are stationary and not moving as up ahead is a one way lane (due to pavement reno) and cars were coming out.


You still DONT get it as to what is wrong...?


The woman could have turn right as the purple car could not have turn into the smaller lane as the blue car was not moving.

Instead of being decisive, the stupid woman hog the lane for abt 2 min, until the cars next to us started moving. She wanted to move THEN, but its too late. So we had to wait for another 3 mins for the purple cars to move (their right of way). And i was **stuck behind a series of slow trucks and doubledeck buses.

I muttered" bloody idiot" and sensing my support, my cab driver joined in and lamented the "unsurpassable" lousy skills of our dear mercs driver.

**NOTE: HK roads are SINGLE LANES. *arrrrhhhhh!!!*

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LPPL said...

Gosh.. I think those are spoilt brat and they really are not concern on the safety of pedestrian. They just think of themselves coz that's how they are being brought up.