Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Arnold and his usual verbal "riots"

@9.50am. Arnold saw my injured ankle.

"What happened?" He asked
"Fractured my ankle." I revealed.
"From falling off the bed?!" he hooted in his usual cheeky french laugh.
"From the washing machine actually. Its higher." I retorted in the mood of banter.
"OOOooooooooooooooo" Arnold exclaimed in false pretence.

We laughed heartily.
The actual truth & sequence of events are not of importance to Arnold.

@2.30pm. I saw Arnold and called out to him

"You have finished your fragrance training right? Could i have the meeting room coz i have a vendor meeting at three." I asked him.

"Ooooo.. but that is my little mobile office. Do u have another space for me?" Arnold winked and ask in that cute play acting voice of his.

"Yup, I have reserved the smaller meeting room. you can have that as your "office". I need the big room with projector" . Arnold went "oooooo.."

After checking out the small meeting room.
"Ok! Because i love you. You shall have my big room! But only because i love you." he said unabashingly, not bating an eyelid.

"Ooooohhh yes Arnold, I love u too!! Thank you." I grinned.

"Yes! Only because i love you. I dont do it for everyone." He reminded me jokingly.

"I know. Yooooooooou are the sweetest.".
I couldnt keep a straight face, not with Arnold making the puckered lips. Everyone around us laughed.

Only gay man can pull this off and still be loveable.
Being French adds to his credit too. Ha!

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