Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My lucky day with a kind driver

Public Holiday today, so i got to sleep in today. Lucky! Another short work week.

Had arranged to meet the girls today to hop over to JW new place in Choi Hong. I didnt quite know how to get there but i figured getting to Quarry Bay from my place via the minibus and swopping to train would be the fastest.

When I boarded the bus, i told the driver that I needed to get to the Quarry Bay MTR, and asked if he could let me know where to alight since I wasnt familiar with that side of the town. He said ok and so i happily went back to the seat. Being hols, the roads was deserted and smooth.

When the last guy behind me alighted and I looked around. Apparently I had reached the last stop! But no MTR station insight! I looked at the bus driver and he looked back at me. He opened his mouth wanting to say something but he stopped at "Err..." I looked at him expectantly. He shook his head, asked me to wait and got off the bus to sign and check in his arrival"timing". Then he got on the bus and started off again. In less than 2 mins after a bend, i saw the quarry bay station and he smiled and pointed it! I just realised what he had done. The very kind driver had actually detoured off and drove me to the mtr station because he was worried i would get lost! How cool is that!!!! I got off the bus gratefully and thanked him sincerely. It may not seem much, but in HK, this sort of attitude is remotely rare.

When i met the girls, I told him what happened as they were afriad i might get lost. They went "Wahhh!!! You are so lucky!" Apparently, there isnt that many kind HK drivers around to go out of their way, esp to detour off his route and drop me off.

I guess I have really been lucky according to my HK colleagues (where my experiences below have yet to happen to them).

1. A taxi driver to give me his spare umbrella when i grab a cab to work because it was pouring like cats and dogs.
2. A taxi driver who was so happy to chat with me that he waived the tunnel fee.
3. A taxi driver who offer to drive me to Kowloon no charge to his reliable "chinese sinseh" when i injured my ankle (which i didnt take up).

I guess there will always be very nice people out there. Just a matter of luck of whom you meet. So far, i'm thanking every single blessings I have!

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