Monday, June 30, 2008

Bad australia service - Big Pond. (Part 4)

If you are ever signed up with Big Pond (Telstra) for their cable internet, you just pray you never ever have to deal with the almost non existent customer service.

I am not sure if their technical hotline is suppose to be 24/7hrs service. If it is, let me assure you it is a lie. I doubt there is anyone manning the lines after 6pm.

One weekend at 8.30pm, my internet cable connection suddenly dropped and lost. We couldnt get on line for at least 40mins. So I tried calling big pond technical line to find out if there was a network failure and how long it will take.

I called and waited for 45mins, and I got to speak to no one. All I got was an earful of music.
Twice it occured and twice no one ever picks up the line at night. I tried calling the sales line and someone pick up (since its revenue incoming) and of course the guy said he knew nothing nor if there is anyone in the tech dept. This has never happen in Singapore nor HK. The max wait was like 10mins tops.

All these business cost cutting is really not helping. I wonder how can other local people stand it?

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