Monday, June 22, 2009

BioKill Sanitizer Review

Not only is the heat and humidity of HK summer really getting to me, the thing that bugs me the most is the rapid growth of Moulds on some of the stuff at home such as the upholstery and my speakers cover...

I saw this in the supermarket (Park and Shop) and decided to give the product a chance as it is organic formula (that means no harsh chemicals) and supposedly non harmful to the environment. It is safe on clothes and food (though I really wont think of putting it on my food)

Product Label

Biokill Offical Website
  • Organic, safe biocidal product that is a hypoallergenic, natural bactericide, Viricide and Fungicide with long-acting, sanitizing characteristics
  • ll Natural Ingredients had been certified GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the US EPA & FDA and Effectively kills up to 99.99% of germ
  • Non-rinse formula and there are no areas of restriction, it is safe to apply in sensitive areas, e.g. all household surfaces, on clothes & accessories, toys, etc
  • Can be applied on food, it reduces bacteria-loading and keeps it at low levels thereby extending shelf-life and food safety
Product Review

The spray works really really well. I tested it on my dining chairs, hi-fi speakers, the gap between tiles in toilet, wooden book cabinet and even on stinking gym gear.

The spray kept the moulds off my dining chair for at least a month now. The hi-fi speaker lasted for about 3 weeks since it was closer to the balcony with constant exposure to the damp humid air. But even then, the growth was limited and retarded. It didnt go poof like a bloody mushroom field as it previously did before I had the spray.

On the toilet tiles. While it didnt manage to get the gaps sparkling white again (u need bleach for that effect), the moulds definitely was gone and didnt reappear. Then again, I didnt scrub the tiles. I sprayed and wipe it off and the effect was evidently clear.

As for the stinking gym gear. My husband forgot to take it out for washing after use for days, wrapped in his plastic bag in the bag..... so u can imagine the bacteria growth. I wash it once but while its clean, there was still this mild stench I didnt like. So I spray the biokill on it and rinse it again. Fantastic! The smell was effectively removed!

The brand has other products which I have yet to try.

It is definitely a very very good buy as far as I am concerned. At about HK$52 per bottle, a little spray goes a long way! This one is a keeper for any household invaded by moulds and those concerned with the impact of the toxic residue and vapours industrial sprays on our environment, including yourself.

Update: 2011
Dont ask me why but they dont stock this in supermarket anymore:(

Additional Handy Tips

- Remove odor on clothes, add half a cup of baking soda to a full load of washing ( better patch test on the fabric before u do so. It didnt work as well as I like on smell but it definitely got rid of oil stain patches on cotton tees for my patch test)

- Cleaning shelves and walls of fridge, add half and half solution of water and white distilled vinegar.

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