Saturday, June 6, 2009

Salt for mouth ulcers and corelated food knowledge

I was cracking so hard today, after seeing my husband squirming in agony and tears welling up his eyes. That was after I applied salt directly onto his 2 lip ulcers. My sides were splitting from laughing at his expression.

Firstly, it was a surprise for me that he has never heard of this technique to cure lip ulcers whereas I grew up using this simple method to cure all my crater size ulers. It's less painful if u catch them early but I personally love the stinging sensation because it feels like I am killing those "micro-bastards" .

It's such an old simple and effective method. The antiseptic salt application not only works naturally and "beautifully" effective, not to mention it's a much safer option compared to those "gels" applications which contains chemicals. In fact, they have annouced recently (news) to reconsider or prevent application of bonjela on kids under 16yr as they are considered unsafe.
I would never trust any industrial products on any kids if one can help it...

Wise Diet that helps recovery of lip ulers:
Anyway, according to my vege and fruits encyclopedia, the consumption of tomatoe, brinja/ eggplant, and carrot juice will also aid the recovery of lip ulcers.

Eggplants: High in vitamin P (Bioflavonoids ). Regular consumption prevents high blood pressure. Promotes wound healing and maintain the health of the thin walls of the small blood vessels known as capillaries.

Carrots: People who are low on sugar count should moderate intake of carrot and over consumption of carrot will result in "yellowing" of your skin colour.

Tomato: Unripe tomatoes (greenish- yellowish looking) should not be consumed as they supposedly contain naturally occuring poisonous alkaloids that disappear (so we are told) as the fruit matures.

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