Thursday, June 11, 2009

A sweet surprise..

Had a nice surprise last week. Has been such a long time since I received a mail in my letter box that isnt classified as bills, junk or wedding invite.

A wide grin formed as I opened the (non-ocassion) card and greeted by this lovely message and (timely) magnetic book mark. It's little moments like this that builds up memories for the long haul. I know u are reading this, so thank you Anna for the sweet gesture.

Incidentally, the card also indirectly stir up a feeling that I have been a slacker in staying touch with some old friends back in Sg.... It's no excuse really but stopping work has also effectively reduce the urge to get onto the communications wagon such as msn or email.

Well, heading back to Sg on 24th June for over a week. (damn tickets cost so much nowadays..) Alittle late for my mum's birthday but I really wanna make this trip since its her 60th birthday. Just thought it would be nice to have a complete family to celebrate this milestone with her, that is if my brother dont get haul off on some business trip...

Anycase, the trip will be a well deserved chance to catch up with some old friends, that is if their little ones are not holding them back...(not to mention get my goose down pillow from taka!!!) tough to meet up with people with kids nowadays. I never knew it would be so tough once someone else's form their own nuclear family. No wonder they say your friends get lesser and lesser when you get older, unless your friendship with married couples (with kids) can last through waiting for the first 5 years of the kids growth till they are more independent... ;p

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