Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some facts about fruits

I love my handy fruits and vege guide to healthy eating...

Since I was young, I have always been intrigued by all the repeated "reminders" by my mum about what food (fruits/ veg) should not be consumed with certain food. I remember my mum used to have this pictorial table format book (lost now) that list all down commonly consumed food that acts "against" each other..

Previously I was too young to understand the logic or reasoning between the "lethal" pairing but now I do. Not all old folks tales are without grounds. Like what I had told my friends before, if the "food" is NOT in a form that is recognisable to your grandma, it's probably bad for you and your body. (eg: all the junk food that have been invented over the last 30 decades or more)

I was just flipping through my newly acquired food guide and found interesting facts below..
Did you know about the "do not" consumption facts about such fruits?

1. Persimmons
Should never be consumed with white wine, warm water, and vege soup as this will result in the manisfestation of "stones" inside your body. The fruit should not be consumed on empty stomach. It should never be consumed with crab meat. People who are suffering from bout of cold and mothers after delivery should also not over consume the fruit.

2. Mangoes
Should not be consumed with garlic or spicy food nor after meals. Additionally, people with constipation should avoid consumption

3. Custard Apples
High in sugar content hence obese and disabetic people should avoid or minimalise consumption.

4. Strawberries
Consumption after meal aids "dissolve" of food fats and aids digestions but people with diarrhea should avoid.

5. Lychees
Excessive consumption will lead to lowering of sugar count thus resulting in giddiness and possible fainting.

6. Papaya
Excessive consumption will result in bloatness (gasy built up) as well as diarrhea side effects.

7. Western pears (green skin)
People with (cold or non heaty) cough should avoid consumption.

8. Watermelon
Diabetics and people with early symptoms of common cold should minimise or avoid consumption.
Watermelon should never be consumed with Pineapple and mangoesteen!

9. Plums
Overconsumption will lead to diarrhea. People with Phlegm (flem) should avoid consumption.

10. Navel Orange
Avoid when suffering from diarrhea

11. Rock Melon / Cantaloupe
People suffering from Weak body, water retention, cough with blood, itchy throat, mild phelgm with could should avoid consumption.

12. Chinese Pear (Yellow skin)
People with diarrhea, cold and cough should avoid. However consumptions after meal do aid digestions.

13. Grapes
Diabetics and people with constipation should minimalise intake. One should rinse your mouth after consumption to avoid erosion of teeth enamel.

14. Mangoesteen
Avoid consumption with watermelon, bitter gourd, mustard, cabbage, soybean and beer. Husk Purple stains cannot be easily removed.

15. Lemon
People with cough, flu with fever should minimise intake. People with phelgm should avoid consumption.

16. Apple
Diabetics should avoid intake due to high sugar content. Rinse mouth to avoid enamel erosion. Excessive consumption will result in bloated feeling.

17. Cherries
People with bad breathe should avoid intake.

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