Saturday, June 20, 2009

Muji Bath Salt review

I confessed, I am a sucker for Muji products.... well apart from the apparels coz they are abit on the pricey side for the design and quality.

Back to product in hand, Muji's Bath salt simply won me over BIG TIME. I have tried so many different brands, including those I snuck back from those top end hotels. Muji beat them hands down!

Dropping my usual lavender for the moment, I just acquired the new limited seasonal edition - LYCHEE scent. is soooooo heavenly!!! I have never smell any thing nicer than this and I am not being biased!

Usage Purpose (as translated from the Japanese label)
The label indicated that it is good for recovering from fatigue, shoulder stiffness, body aches, sprain, bruise, chaps, frostbites, skin roughness. It is also good for relieving body coldness after child delivery.

The water becomes a white milky colour as the powder dissolves into the water. The scent is fantastic and lasting! I definitely felt more refreshed after a good hot soak. My skin becomes nice and soft too (including my feet!!) What else can I say? It is a heavenly bath! If u have hand wash stuff like table cloth for wiping dust that doesnt need spanking new detergent wash all the time, I will use the bath water for washing it to as alternate purpose after I finish my bath.

If u love bath like me, Get it Get it Get it!!!!

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