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Facial Wash Review: Menard Embellir Washing

Reverted back to using Menard after I found their counter stores again in HK recently. The last time I had used the product was 15 years ago under a different range but worked equally good.
My mum used to use it as well and she use to swear by it before it somehow "disappeared" in Singapore.

Menard (was) is not a prolific brand but it's definitely a brand to be reckon with. Die hard followers will claim its products work even better than Shiseido...which personally, I think so too for me. Some call it a "Tai Tai"brand which I dont understand why since they always have had range targeted at young adults/ late teens.

Product View
I started on Embellir washing cream for half a year now. That is how long a tube is lasting me with daily use, on average twice a day. I bought this over the LS range as Embellir's will be less "dry" on my face.

This cleanser takes slightly more "work" than other normal cleanser as you really need to work it up to a foam by adding appropriate water. U apply the very dense foam on area to be cleaned and supposedly the impurities are removed by the foam as you gently massage your face.

It doesnt have any strong fragrance and your skin feel really clean after rinse, without feeling too tight. If u do esp in cold months, even just simple dab of toner does the trick of removing any taut feeling. I notice a significantly reduction in blackheads in my open pores on my nose., and my face isnt as oily as before (which may be also due to combine use with other Menard products)

The washer is also very gentle to my face despite its effective cleansing prowess. My face has always been super duper sensitive and this cleanser has work perfectly without any irritation even when my reddish skin was overexposed to the sun. There were absolutely no tingling nor burning sensation at all even on daily use. On normal days, after washing and even without apply hyrating cream, I didnt experience any excessive "oiliness" on my face which is a common trait with some other brands I had used.

Active Ingredients

The product packaging and website doesnt indicate the full list of ingredients as required by FDA. The only 2 advertised ingredients are as below. The HK counter sales has no idea who goes into the product. When queried, their trainer only vaguely advises that "No chemicals" are used.
  • Black Reishi Extracts: Prevents genes aging and extends cells' life by revitalizing them
  • Red Reishi extracts and BRG-N ( Bifidobacterium Longum Repair Gene): Repairs DNA damaged by UV rays and free radicals
The Reishi

Red Reishi and Black Reishi: precious herbal medicines that enhance the vitality of cells
The power of Reishi for youthful and beautiful skin

From among the many examples of research conducted on materials that prevent the aging of cells over many years, we have taken particular note of the Chinese herbal medicineReishi, discovering its wonderful effects. Red Reishi has the effect of repairing genes damaged by ultraviolet rays and free radicals. It also improves the energy generation capacity of cells which have withered with age. BlackReishi has the effect of eliminating of waste products built up in cells during the aging process. It also suppresses the shortening oftelomere (the chromosome which determines the life of a cell), caused by ultraviolet rays and free radicals. And we have found numerous ways that these twoReishis refresh brain cells. The integration of research focused on cells and research focused on herbal medicine has resulted in youthful and beautiful skin due to theEMBELLIR line. [ read more]

Product Verdict
I would certainly continue to use this washer as a clean face is an important step before even considering any use of moisturiser.

For those who would prefer a Menard range that is certifed without Paraben, you can consider the Meliease range, which is aimed and targeted for sensitive skin.

Meliease — A gentle skin care line for delicate skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, ceramide (intercellular lipid) and amino acid emollient ingredient, which connect horny cells and improve the barrier function of horny layer. Meliease protects the skin from external stimuli and maintain moisture in the skin. [read more]

*Fragrance-free | Color-free | Alcohol-free | Paraben-free | Hypoallergenic.

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