Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do i need to raise a goose to get some pure down pillow?

Is there absolutely any reason why HK people doesnt sleep on down filled pillow? I have been searching high and low in every mall I can think of in HK, but they either carry sponge, contoured shaped pillow or feather pillows. Not a simple washable 100% down pillow in sight. What will it take for me to find one? Do i have to rear a couple of goose and pluck off the down feathers myself? Damn.
I have always hated feather pillow because of the smell. Sponge is stiff, and somehow my neck combined with my fetal sleeping position makes contoured pillow less than ideal.

I went to Sogo today. Thankfully its quiet after the crazy mob storming the place down during the Thankful week sale. There was one mattress brand that sell 100% Australian down feather pillow but it has to have those ridiculous silk cotton cover, thus rendering it dry clean only. WTF, silk pillow? What happen to good old cotton cover? And they wanted to charge me HK700 bucks for a single pillow. Are they nuts? I could get like 3 freaking 100% down pillow in Singapore at Takashimiya in a sale for that price based on the price tag i last checked in Oct last year. And then another sales person tried to convince me this super firm pillow is made of 100% down. I told her its impossible since its too "bloated" and firm. I know what is a proper down pillow after 15years of sleeping on down pillow. Couldnt be bothered to correct her when I double checked the filling content tag that I was right naturally.

It's such a pain that I have half a mind in taking out my down quilt and fold it as a pillow alternative. Someone ought to tell HK retailers that they are overly absorbed in those stupid spaceman contour pillow that is stock piled on every available rack space.

Hello HK.
We are on earth, not on fucking Mars.

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