Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick Moisture Review: Menard Beauness

In summer, the worst feeling you can have is to feel like a thick layer of cream spread over your face. It is even worse for me with oily to combination skin. With the heavy air pollution in HK, the last thing I need is to have dust settled and feeling them resting on my face. So my personal preference is for something light-weight, fragrance free and absorbed quickly.

I have tried many "light" lotion from Estee, Lancome, Anna Sui, Origins to Kiehl. Finally settle on Menard Beauness Quick Moisture since the item fulfilled all the ticks on my personal checklist.

Product review
I bought this with completely no expections. I wasnt sure how good it was but thought what the heck. I always have my Estee and La Mer to fall back on.

Surprisingly, this quick moisture lotion proves to be a good buy. Its watery texture (oil free) is a big plus so I dont feel like I am clogging my pores. It is fragrance free and gets absorbed into my skin quickly. I feel like my skin is brighter and it doesnt cause any outbreaks (though i still do get zits occasionally if I pull too many late nights). When u wash it off your hands after application, it doesnt leave a clinging (slimy) feeling that needs to be rid off with hand soap.

I think it does a fantastic job in keeping my face hydrated. I can go all day out in the open, and not feel my face getting the shine, and certainly no heavy-layer-on-my face feeling either. For day time, I think its certainly a handy light weight lotion. The product also claim to tackle bacteria on surface (personally I am not sure what is the measurable results to judge if that works)

Active Ingredients
- Mineral Essence SP
Combination of various minerals coming from Japanese hot springs

- Medical Essence SP
Dipotassium glycyrrhizate and Vitamin B combination
Strengthen the Mineral Essence SP effects
Anti stress lotion that enhances a stronger skin

*Fragrance free | Non comedogenic | Allergy tested (formulated to minimize the risk of allergy)

Ingredients details
-The Mineral Essence SP

The ingredient from spa minerals helps to produce strong skin. It produces smooth and strong skin (that will not easily cause adult acnes and skin roughness). It protects the skin from bad influences of stress and it improves the temporary condition of the skin.

Menard found out that minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the skin play an important role in producing a stronger skin. Those minerals are added in the Beauness's formula.

The Mineral Essence SP activates the enzyme that forms the horny cells which produces normal cells and by thus produces smooth and strong skin. If the enzyme that forms horny cells are active, skin will born to be sooth and strong. If it is not active, the skin will be born to be prone to adult acnes and skin roughness.

-The Medical Essence SP

The combination of Vitamin B - which suppresses the activity of lipase (sebum-splitting enzyme) and which works on the cause of inflammation and aggravation of acnes - and of Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (anti-inflammatory ingredient from crude drug). Improve the effect of Mineral Essence SP.

It's definitely a great buy for those hot summer months. I have yet to test it out in winter months to see if it works equally good. Also, this comes without SPF protection, so for those paranoid, you can top it up with a sunscreen of your personal choice (which i thinks is a better idea).

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