Saturday, June 6, 2009

Caratenoid Scan

I have survived my first week of pilates and what can I say? I really thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. The complete body workout is amazing. Not to mention my pilates instructor yesterday was a complete hot chick. Slim body lines, lovely long locks, beautiful accent, smart UCLA chick, and angelic face with a beautiful face. Sometimes U have to wonder why some human beings are just unfairly created more perfectly than some others....

Well back to pilates.
She worked us really hard yesterday and I could feel the dulling ache all over my body since those are the body parts that have slacken from lack of use over the last 2 years. From neck muscles to abs to torso side muscles...Yet I felt more refreshed than ever.

After pilates, my friend brought me to do this carotenoid scan yesterday. It's a 2min non invasive test to evaluate how healthy your body is, based on food and excercise and the level of free radical in your body. Not bad. I had a score of 39,000. The excellent score starts from 40,000 so i am a little more to catch up. Average HK person score around 29,000 to 31,000 so I was told. Considering the utter lack of excercise I had subjected myself to for the last 2 years, I think I fare rather well.

My current weight is like 53kg.
To me its a "disgusting" fact because it's almost like adding a kg a year as I ages starting from uni...I missed those days where I can finish a whole tub of icecream with no repercussions...

My husband and I discovered when we were living in Sydney, we put on more weight than when we lived in Asia, even maintaining the same level of lifestyle. When we moved back to Hk, alot of my friends remarked I looked slimmer now. The only reason we could attribute to was the increase diet of pork, lamb and beef because beef was more accessible and cheaper back in Sydney.

When I did the health test, they told me my ideal weight is 57KG for my height. I balked at the idea of being so heavy. While everything else was ideal, I need to lose more fat and gain more muscular mass to achieve that target. Honestly I am just happy to hover around 50kg. We shall see if my excercise regime is going to shed some pounds

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