Saturday, June 20, 2009

Menard Beauness Spa Mineral Review

I bought this as a complement use with the moisture lotion. Initially I had thought this acts like a toner but actually it isnt, its the step before you apply your usual toner.

Product review
The idea of using this lotion is to rid the dead skin built up on our face.

Initially I was skeptical. I was thinking, couldnt and isnt what toner is for? To remove excess residue and refreshes the skin?

Upon repeated use, I did discover that it improves the clarity of my face. When I use a cotton wool pad to clean my face, I could see how the cotton pad would at times changes colour from the initial clear pad, presuming that is the dead cells not visible to naked eyes. I tested half of my face with just only toner lotion and the other half with beauness and my skin did feel smoother and cleaner.

However, I do not agree with the other claim that it protects from acne. As many other online reviews, I think zits will still breakout no matter how diligent you use this. I dont have serious acne so I do not know how much it will improve the condition. However, it sure doesnt stop those infrequent zits from popping up, nor make it subside any faster. I dont think it really closes the pore as claimed as well.

I think this lotion is really just to effectively remove stubborn dead cells (that is harder to wash off), and clarify your complexion. Reason why this is an alternative to facial scrub is that it is much gentler being liquid form, and it would not damage your outer skin surface as overzealous scrub might.

It's so so for me. It's something optional to buy but definitely not a must have in my case (or esp when you do not have spare cash). Yet if you prefer to really remove those dead skin without scrubbing, this is a pretty good option then

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