Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shampoo review: Avalon Organics Refreshing Shampoo

Product Review:
Saw this on promotional price (HK$88) in Citysuper and thought it smelled really fruity nice. I had a choice between clarifying lemon scent or the refreshing grapefruit scent. I chose the latter.

One of the main attracting feature was that it was Parabens and harsh chemical free

Based on one use, the first draw was its striking lovely fruit scent. It doesnt come on strong nor overwhelm your senses in an enclosed shower area. Neither is it so mild that the scent is gone once u washes it off. It has a relative staying power.

In terms of washing ability, I tried it and surprisingly without the Laureth sulfate ingredient, this stuff lathers just as well and easily. In addition, the hair didnt leave my hair dry nor entangled as some other brands did. Even without the use of conditioner, my hair washes off straight and soft. Immediately after the wash, I felt my hair was somewhat relieved of the residue build up but definitely not overly squeeky clean as if all moisture was stripped. Another good after feel, the hair remains light and breezy with no heavy weigh down feeling. The next day, my hair remained nice without any visible flyaway. I didnt try the conditioner as I just wanted to see if the shampoo works first.

As I dont use any superficial hair products at all, I am not sure how effective it is against strong holding gel or hair spray.

Overall, I love my Shisedo shampoo still but I wasnt too sure what else went into the long list of chemical list. So I think I will alternate between my old and current Alvalon Organics shampoo till I finished the old ones. The only issue i have with this shampoo is that over long term use, my long hair seem to lose its shine. Also, if i forget to use hair treatment, my hair would feel a little dry which is not ideal. Hence i think this product may be better suited for people with fine hair, or just in conjuction with other shampoo to kind of clarify the product buildup [ as it really cleans well]

Health Hazard Score (based on SkinDeep database)
Rating: 3 (Low Moderate) out of 10 [ingredients breakdown details]

About Alavon Organics
Our commitment to Consciousness in Cosmetics creates a larger vision that encompasses us all. Our goal is to honor the body with consciousness. This vision is alive and continually expanding and we are all a part of it. Five distinct elements comprise Consciousness in Cosmetics: Purity and Safety, Sustainability, Products that Work, Sensuality and Personal Choice. [ read more]

Ingredient Philosophy
We reject the use of parabens and other harsh preservatives. Additionally, we exclude the use of the following:

  • Synthetic fragrances and artificial colors,
  • Sodum lauryl and laureth sulfates
  • Citrus grandis

Derived from grapefruit seeds; anti-bacterial and cleansing.');
[ read more]

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