Friday, October 30, 2015

30 Oct: falling sick

Sigh...Just after tending to sick bub for almost 2 weeks, I knew I would be falling sick at the rate of sleep deprivation I was going while the little one has recovered. Hit with runny nose and sore throat.

My in laws were away for the week and my man finally tried to help more. To give him due credit, he has been doing all the late afternoon 4pm feed and night feed while I continue to prep dinner and wash the bottles etc. He also try to help bath baby now since I have upgraded him to shower instead of bath tub since I found it a solid pain in arse to change water when he pee in the middle of wash. It's tough to watch a wet baby n change water at the same time. So I figured 6months+ is good enough to sit on my lap and shower like adults. Interestingly the little one like his showers. He actually protest when it's done. Funny boy. 

Well maybe it dawned on Daddy it won't be fun for him if I do seriously fall ill and he will have to take over completely. Or that he's very thankful that despite my lack of sleep, I still brought his mum to hospital to see a specialist for her health concerns and that sapped up 4 hours of my time. Anycase, So both of us are trying to keep the damage to the minimal right now.

After weeks of accumulating resentment n annoyance, I def feel better now that he's pitching in abit after his parents arrived. Perhaps he realised I really am
Not a superwoman no matter how efficient and organised I am. He's too used to me covering everything for him...sigh. Maybe he just feel mentally more supported with his folks around. I don't know. I just take watever I can get. 

Today he actually suggested about getting third party help like professional nanny so that I can rest. Did he chance upon my blog? Lol. I told him I will look into it. Just that am too overwhelm now to research. 

Today, hubby made me ginger honey tea for my itchy throat since I can't have lozenges. Sipping all the love...he's feeding baby his congee that I prep. Finally I can rest...

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