Tuesday, October 20, 2015

20 Oct: months on and my mum's damages is still affecting me

Morn 7am rant. 

Pissed off. Every other day I will discover something to piss me off. My biggest regret is agreeing to my mum's request to come stay when I was busy with baby and her getting involved in my new maid and now I'm slowly having to undo every single rubbish she taught her. 

People esp those who access my FB thinks I'm so relax and easy time coz my
Mum is here to help. If only they know how much "help" indeed. They will say oh your mum raised you and help baby sit before. Yah right. Just because she is a mother doesn't mean she can do everything. Just like not every educated person can be an effective teacher. Not every working person can be a good CEO. Plus when my mum was babysitting, half the time I was the one looking after the baby. I was 15yr old then n I still rem every single fucking changing towel nappy, wash bums, teething pains, fussing cried, shaking her to sleep in the swing thing etc. the only thing I didn't do back then was cooking and feeding baby. Otherwise the baby slept in my room, and I watched the baby after school, played with her, taught her ABCs, watched her crawl the first time, put up Xmas tree for her first time. Ahem. Why u think I put off kids so long. Coz I know how much fuckinv hard work is involved. Anycase I digress....

 I have only ask mum  to teach maid cooking but instead of doing that which she taught NOTHING. Maid asked her for recipe she tells maid "I have no recipe.i cook watever comes to my head. Maid ask how many teaspoon of sauce she will say don't know. Just estimate. How does that help????? Maid use spoon to stir sauce into meat, mum gets upset because she insists maid to use hand but we all say so unhygienic. Then mum gets upset with me saying I side maid. 

She told my maid to do things her stupid way and now I'm like reliving the slow nightmare of like living with my mum all over again. She had bitched about my new maid from day 1, complained to everyone who will listen to her.  I'm still getting feedback from cousins n relatives about mum bitching. 

When she was here, she complained the maid never wash the water container with filter. I told my mum specifically I do NOT want the maid to touch my filter coz baby will drink from there and I don't trust the maid's understanding of hygiene level yet but of coz will my mum listen? NO. Today I discover by chance my maid was washing the filter the wrong way my mum told her. I was pissed. Pissed because I told my mum not to tell maid to do things that I did not say but she ignored me, and pissed because I have told my maid to forget every fucking thing my mum taught her but she still forgotten wat I told her.

My maid got upset with me that I'm told her off sternly this morn. She went to her roo to sulk. After 15mins she was still sulking and I got fed up and went to her and told her to quit sulking and get to work. She stills want to argue that it was my mother who taught her and she's not at fault. I told her "u have no reason to be upset with me because we have told you repeatedly to FOrGET what my mum taught u but u choose to ignore what I tell you. So don't you dare throw tantrum at me". 

I went to attend to baby congee cooking and she storm up to the roof. I turn off the stove and went after her. I didn't hire you to fucking sulk n throw tantrum at me. 

She was talking on the phone and I
Ask her what is she doing. She mumble something and hung up. I asked her what's her problem and wat is she angry about? I reminded her did I not tell her I do not agree with my mum methods even when my mum was still here? Did I no tell her my mum ways were rubbish? Did I not tell her my mum was giving me stress and upsetting me everyday? Did I not tell her not to follow my mu way of storing food when she last check? Did I not side with her and argue with my mum when my mum scold her. I asked her I'm your employer, why would you rem things my mum
Told you but not something I remind you?i didn't shout at you or scold you previously because I know it was my mum BUT after she left, both me n my husband told u so many tea to forget what popo teach you but you did not listen. I list out every single incident where I had told her not to follow mum instructions n she finally calm down and agreed it was her own fault she forgotten to check with me about the water container. She was equally upset with herself when I told her, the reason is baby is affected, can you understand why I Am angry with you!? Baby is drinking that water too. She looked upset and says she knows why n she just didn't rem to check with me. So I told her ok after this, we will move on and just rem next time, check with me first. Anything that will involve baby eating drinking touching you will ASK me first if not sure. I ask her am I being fair? She said yes. I said ok. We will go back. 

Now I'm just thinking how many times she has contaminated my drinking jar with her fucking dirty washing gloves. My mum has left a trail of disaster with my maid even after months she has left n when one is sleep deprived, it really drives me nuts.

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