Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crazy cycle. 1-3hr sleep. How long more?

The sleep pattern changed again. From my good little boy who sleeps from 10pm to 7.30am, he suddenly decides to wake me up at 5am every single fking day for the past 2 weeks. 

But because I don't want to restart his night feeding at 5am, I had to let him wait it out till 6.30am or 7am depending. But I don't get any sleep while waiting. 

After feeding him, it's 45mins of pumping while entertaining the little monkey. Then had to put him to bed at 9am. 

9.15-9.30am dealing with maid n her marketing list since she is sooooo fucking useless that I cannot give her free rein or she will buy rubbish back. 

9.30-10am will be washing pumps n bottles
10am- 10.30an will be cooking breakfast n eating.
10.30-10.45am: do baby laundry
11am - 11.15am : baby wakes and change diaper n wipe down
11.15-11.45am: play with baby since he won't sit or play by himself
11.45- 12.10pm: prep milk for feeding
12.15-1pm: play with baby and eat lunch
1-1.45pm: change diaper, put baby to bed, pump milk
1.45pm-2pm: wash bottles n sterilise
2pm: prep baby food. Wait for baby wake
2.30pm: feed baby taster solid
2.30-3.30pm: entertain baby 
3.30-4pm: pass baby to dad. 
4pm: get milk ready
4-4.10pm: feed baby
4.10-4.45pm: play with baby
4.45-5.15pm: bath baby
5.15-5.30pm: give baby dinner
5.30-6pm: put baby to sleep. Pump milk. 
6-7pm: . Wake baby at 7pm
7-8pm: dinner. 
8pm: feed baby
8.15pm - 10pm: play with baby. Hubby help if free
10pm 10.30pm: put baby to sleep
10.30-11.30pm: pump milk
11.45pm: Dream feed baby. 
12.30am-1.30am: check email, pay household bills, buy groceries online, buy baby stuff etc.
2am: sleep (with baby). (Provide baby don't have nitemare n wake every hour) 
5am-5.30am: pump milk

The whole cycle begins. 

When I look at the time chart, I don't get why my hubby thinks he help me a lot and complain HE don't get to rest. Like as if I'm fuckinv shaking leg???

He def did help but I don't think it's 50-50 which he seems to think so. Everytime I pop into his study room he's fucking surfing Internet but keep telling me he's busy. When I raised the issue he's wasting time he claim he needs to unwind. Do I see ME unwinding??? U get to sleep in till 9-10am and u want to Bitch about being tired and tell me to leave u alone. 

Great. Thanks for such appreciation.
And stop telling me to quit Breast feeding because it inconvenience YOU and hide it behind the pretext I'm not getting enough rest. If u watch less tv, read less shit online n fb less, and Help me, then perhaps I can rest more 


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