Thursday, October 15, 2015

All the incompetent people

The lite one was nitemarish today. Don't want his breakfast, cry and cry and refuse his eve milk. I got really fed up n left him to his cot to cry n plug my ear phone while I wash the bottles. His father can either pick him up or let him cry. 

Either the father is hard at hearing which I doubt, or he just couldn't be bothered enuff till a full blown 10mins passed before he came to check. By that time I have finish washing the bottles. 

Anycase, he gone off to fetch his folks. I was having difficulty trying to feed the baby and he has to poo. Great. That means he isn't gonna finish his milk after 100ml. 

While I was so busy the home phone rang. I couldn't be bothered. The maid answered and came to the room, saying someone on the phone. 

Look Miss stupid, can't u see the baby is fussing and my hands are full? What do u want me to do? So I told her curtly "well find out who it is n TALK to the person. Can't u see I'm busy?

She went off n 1 min later say "it's sir's mum. They are at airport." And I told her "so? What do u want me to do? I'm not going to airport. They want to find him they should call him. "

I'm sick n tired of everyone looking for me. I'm not PA to anyone. He's your son go look for him yourself. He wants to dilly dally procrastinate to leave him it's your problem not mine. I wash my hands off. 

Meanwhile bloody landlord contractor fuck up again. I had to chase him for the faulty aircon remote after a month. The landlord pa call me back to say the fucker told my landlord nothing wrong with remote. I was shit pissed. The fucker again delayed his delivery of maid stairs replacement . From 10 days wait after 1.5 month I'm still waiting n chasing. Fucker. 

I'm surrounded by arseholes. Incompetent arseholes.

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