Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why wouldn't u bring your key?!!!

There's a building power shutdown for 2 hours at home yesterday, so mummy took (spontaneous) refuge at her fav Starbucks since baby woke up from lack of fan:) thank goodness for free wifi here:) life is good. 

That is until the idiotic helper called to ask why didn't I tell her I'm heading out coz she didn't bring her keys when she went marketing and now she's stuck outside. 

My first reaction to her was "Why do I HAVE to tell you I'm going out?" It's like hello u ain't my mother and I don't even tell my mum where I'm going since I hit uni. Are u kidding me? Plus I gave you home key to use, that means u r expected to take it with u when u go out!!

In this case I was still 15min cab ride from home so I can cut short n go home. However what if I had decided to venture further? 

She replied that she didn't think I will be out. I feel like telling her don't think. Everytime u assume, you really make  a mess.

I didn't get too mad at her n she knows she screwed up. Irritating

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