Wednesday, October 7, 2015

5 oct: Start of making baby food

The honeymoon is over and at 6 months, the real journey begins..whe everyone told me to try few days each time for new food, my PD didn't seem too concern with the vege saying rarely babies get allergies with those in list. I prob shorten test to 2 days instead of 4days for veges else it will take me forever to get thru the list!

In addition to what my PD gave me on list of food for baby to eat, been getting good tips n advices from various gfs who has already completed the trials and tribulations of infanthood for their child. Advantages of being mother last! Lol!

So did what my fren told me, to debone Ikan, wash n fry dry n grind to power. 

Today decided to start on congee for the little one. Don't really need a slower cooker I find. Just have to let it simmer for 2 hours. Easy breezy. 

1. First, got daddy to buy lean meat yesterday. Froze it and slice it to desired size. Cut away any visible fats. Store excess meat. 

2. A palmful of rice with 4 small bowls of water. Throw in meat to add flavor

3. Let it cool and mash it further to make it more watery for first taste! It smell sooo nice!!! Fragrant!!

Baby loved it! More than apple purée for sure!! He lapped up more than a teaspoon! Mummy finished the red of course!

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