Friday, October 16, 2015

16 oct: make peace?

Finally he decided to make peace after a series of exchange on watsapp. This time round in gonna keep it n so the next time he so decide to shout at me again I'm gonna remind him with this. 

I'm assuming he's making peace coz his folks are here. Watever. 

He kept asking "so we are good?"
I just replied "yah" with not much enthusiasm. 

Not sure if he was trying to convince me or him and he repeated his question in a light banter mode. "So we are good right?" So I replied yes again. 

That seemed to cheer him right up. 
That's see how long this lasts. 

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Reader said...

I know this doesn't solve the problem but have you considered getting a nanny to help out for a couple of days? Perhaps your confinement lady? A couple of nights of proper rest will do wonders for you