Saturday, October 17, 2015

17 oct: still awake.

Yep. Time check. 3.40am. Still awake and busy. Waiting for purée to cool down before fridging it.

I really like this combi strainer food prep set. It allows me to make the purée quickly n quietly and in small portions. I know I can use food processor but I prefer to make small fresh batches of food than a motherload n freeze. I'm anal I know. I just have certain ideas about this motherhood thing. 

I want to prep fresh food as much as possible. I'm adding more work to myself I know, Apart from my conviction that no maid should come near my child or be involved in any part of child care ( I'm peculiar. I believe if i m stay home mum and can't raise my child primarily myself then don't have one. This belief has no bearings on any working mum who works just as hard I'm sure) 

Still have a small load to wash up. Yes. This is my very small pile of washing. Usually, think double this amount. 

Time rewind.

Baby woke at 6.30am but I gave him the pacifier to stall while I try to sleep for 30mins more. He was cooperative and finally dragged myself off bed and changed his nappy. Hoping to feed him before he get cranky so that he can fall back asleep n let me work on his food and pump milk till 9am. Then I can feed him his solid at 9.30am. THAT was the plan.

After changing his morn nappy n warming his milk, his granny was already waiting excitedly by his door, wondering if he is awake. So I told granny he's awake n she can go in. I stayed around just in case he cries since I can't tell how he copes with new faces before food. A hungry baby is an fussy baby. 

Thankfully my chirpy boy was an absolute gem and took to his granny like fish to water or bear to honey. Lol. Granny was delighted with his megawatts smiles n chuckles. 

Relieved I went to get the milk n well, out goes the plan since he's sooo fully awake now after playing with granny. I'm ok really. I rather he spend time with family who loves him n his granny did fly 10+ hours to come visit him despite just finishing an op to fix her bladder control problem, which still isn't fixed but worsen. Bloody new castle doctor went on holidays m she won't be able to find out ways wrong coz doc is the only specialist in town. 

Anycase, little one was good with granny n so I still get to pump milk but that means he wasn't feeding well as his sleep was disrupted. He feed better in morn half awake than fully awake somehow. He didn't want his morn oatmeal with squash either so again throw. Another waste of time. I forgot to start his congee in morn so had to rush to start his congee cooking at 10am after quick pump to get it ready for lunch. 

His dad came back at 2.30pm and took his folks out to settle some china visa application for their upcoming trip to China. So home alone with baby. 

Fed and bathe him. I finally tried to
Shampoo his hair like adults do now instead of just washing with soap water. I got to lather his head full of hair with shampoo, suds foam n all. It was fun. He didn't seem to mind it much though he didn't like bending backwards for me to rinse his head. 

Just when we finished, everyone is back!
Baby dad actually proactively washed the bottles n stuff without me opening my mouth for a change. 

To be continued... Too sleepy now. 

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Anonymous said...

Saw the picture of your boy. He's so cute and adorable :) good job raising a healthy kid!