Friday, October 12, 2007

Bogong Moths ivasion!

After being back from Budapest, I discovered Sydney has been swamped and infested by the migrating Bogong moths these few weeks. Its crazy looking at their sheer number. Apparently they have been blown off course to the ALPS by the westernly strong week these past weeks.

They cover the walls of buildings turning them into black patch and they have invaded my home! They fluttered daringly in my face, despite the fact that all the windows and doors are shut!! Easily, I can count up to over dozen in the house. They flutter and annoy u like hell. not to mention they look disgusting. At night, I can sometime hear them fluttering and rattling outside my window by a few dozens. Yucks!

Was chatting to Stan tonight. He asked me if my place was infested by moths too. After sharing our experiences, I had to laugh. Being typical Singaporeans, we both thought that these moths will die off in few days, like those in singapore if we just ignore them. To our horror and disgust, not only did they NOT die, they come in multiples!

I was chuckling when Stan asked me, "I wonder if they will die if I just Vaccum them..."

I told him prob not. Those "bastards" are too strong. Prob will only rip their wings off but they will be crawling inside for god knows how long! I told him I got so annoyed that I just "SMACK" them and kill the moths. At least only those that venture near my bed and food and in kicthen. The last thing i need is for them to attack my food, with all the presumed arsenic content in them!!! Stan msn and told Jas , who in turn told him "Not surprised... the moths prob died a horrible death...." Sob... I am seen as such an "evil" person now:)

Anycase, being new to Sydney, I google and read up on Bogon moths. I found out they use to be eaten too!

Some extract of interesting fact files:

Bogong moths fly south from Queensland every spring to wait out the heat of summer in alpine caves. They return in autumn to Queensland to mate. The Ngan Girra Festival (formerly the Bogong Moth Festival) is held on the last Saturday in November, 2002.

Bogong moth facts:

1.Bogongs live only a year, but travel over 1500 km during this time.

2.There is a carpet of dead moth bodies 1.5 metres thick on the floor of some Alpine caves, built up from thousands of generations.

Bogong Moth Damper
Before arsenic found its way into the moths, they made a fine dinner. Here's a modern adaptation of an ancient recipe.
A generous handful of moths
1 cup plain flour
1 cup self-raising flour
1 cup powdered milk
1/4 teaspoon raising agent
Using a mortar and pestle (or near equivalent) pound up the moths with the powdered milk. Mix in the remaining dry ingredients. Add sufficient water to make a stiff dough and shape into a ball. Flatten the ball to a height of 2.5 centimetres, lightly flour the surface and cook in ash, camp oven, or domestic oven until cooked through. Serve hot.
Recipe courtesy of
Vic Cherikoff

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