Friday, October 26, 2007

Fabulous dinner at Becasse (Sydney)

I have been so lazy to blog but I felt this restaurant really deserve some mention and so I am sparing 5 mins to jot this down in a hurry.

After much internet "research" for 2 hours, I have finally settled on booking Becasse @ clarence street for a saturday nite out for four. Considering it was Thurs, it was a pretty late booking for a good restaurant (with chef hats). Upon my first call, I was told that they were fully book and I was pretty disappointed. I have read so much about it and by the time i called, my mind was already conjuring all sort of dishes in my head (I went to read their online menu). Knowing how Aussie work now, I was not afraid to let on that it was intended to be a special birthday dinner and if there was really no way to squeeze me in. The lady was very kind. She promised to take my number and call me if there was a cancellation.

Lucky me, I got a table 2 hours later. There was a cancellation for four. Hence begin my gastronomy journey on sat.

Firstly, parking came as a pleasant breeze for a 7pm dinner. Sydney parking is horrid on weeknds in the city and so I was pretty happy with the spot rite outside. The interior was larger than expected and definitely nice contempory settings with a hint of class due to the crystal lightings. We were promptly seated at a pretty "central" table with no one behind us, and near the stairs at the lower ground, plus with a view of the open kitchen for some cooking action entertainment.
There were like 7-8 chefs in one narrow kitchen! Amazing!

The waitress was prompt, polite and definitely chirpy and easy going. Plus points. She was pretty knowledgable about the food and able to give some pointers when we were stuck on entrees "variety" (everyone was clambering after the crispy pork belly dish). So we decide to go for 2 crispy pork belly with scallops, a rabbit and prawn+scallop tortellini entrees, as well as fresh oysters with champagne sorbet.

The pork belly starter was to die for (pix 1 below). It was done to perfection in sight and taste. OMG. The crispiness was just just right and scallop unfailingly sweet. The rabbit dish (pix 3 below)was also amazingly good and polish off in a flash among 4 hungry adults. The seafood tortelini (pix 2 below) was alright but kinda let down next to the other 2 dishes. It was a bit flat in taste but if u want a "cleaner" less rich start, this is good.

After the entree, we were certainly left hanging for more. The wagyu beef main did not disapppoint, and the john dory fish with scallop was also good. However, it was the lamb cutlet that stole the show (my personal favourite!!!).

The original lamb dish came with peas and broadbeans and potato. However, since i am an self anti starchy food person, I had requested all the 3 ingredients to be replaced with carrots, cabbage and mushrooms instead.

There was a little incident with my main order. Firstly, the meat came alittle too rare for me (even though i had requested medium, it was more like medium rare). They took it back in few minutes, i still thought my main looks queer. I realised it was missing the cut on lamb shoulder. Also, there was a HUGE scooop of potato mash which i had requested to opt out. The waitress was very attentive and she spotted in a second at my dismayal look and pop to kitchen to check. Just as I was about to raise concern, she was back just in time to tell me that she will get it change as she didnt know how the kitchen could have gotten it wrong. As the whole nite has been fantastic and great till then, i was happy to wait without any fuss. (while my dinner
companions chomp on with theirs..only made me hungerier)

My main returned in 5 mins to perfection and was served by the chef's wife. She apologised profusely again stating it was inexcusable mistake. I honestly wasnt bothered by the error but i accepted in good grace. I have to say, the meal was EXCELLENT. The meat was cook just pink to perfection and the mushroom was FANTASTIC. i felt this should be the proper mix than the original with broadbeans (tasteless). The mushroom really brought out the taste of the meat sauce...

For dessert, I wanted something light and so I opted for the strawberry sandwich, with strawberry sorbet and white choc icecream. Another excellent output from the kitchen. I wish i could describe it better. The cream was light and not too sweet, the sorbet brought a refreshing taste and the icecream gave it a creamy texture. Although it still doesnt measure up to the dessert I had in pellos, this is just as good on its own.

We were all so full by the end of 3 hr+ dinner, with no regrets. This is indeed a very good and deserving restuarant and I will be sure be back with the next change in menu!

What was surprising was that they even took off the lamb main from our bill as a form of good gesture on the mix up! In view of the good service and wonderful nite, we top up the service tip to 25% to include the main cost. They really deserve it, from food to service! I would highly recommend it to anyone popping by sydney. Though beware, book early because they are often fully books weeks ahead!!! (I only knew after my dinner that nite! Lucky me again!)

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