Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 2 Budapest: Strolling around "Pest"

Strolled into the Post Office Museum located at the start of Andrassy Ut. It was like a building like a house, similar to how the rich people use to live it. Its a rectangle building with a courtyard right in the middle size of a basketball court where everyunit on each level can look down from their door. Each stairway has painted ceiling and this one has a pretty nice stainglass at the end.

As the random walk continues, I chanced upon this whole street related to Opera (its a side road off andrassy that leads to the formal Opera House) . I couldnt resist doing a little happy skip infront of the Moulin rouge (a dance house).
This picture below doesnt do the building justice but it has the best beautiful exterior facade. The design was intricate and amazingly elegant. U should see it yourself.

I decide to venture off to one of the local markets where the locals do their daily grocery shopping.

Parliment house up close

Anna Cafe is just a few steps away from the last station of the yellow metro. Took a rest here because it has so many varieties of cakes and desserts and shakes. I couldnt resist and so I plonk my butt down the seats and people watch. Only thing that bug me was the consistent cig smoke from all the people ard me.

Still, the choc shake was fabulous and so was the hazelnut slice!
My very nice and friendly Hungarian waiter at "Anna Cafe"

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