Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday mini road trip to Palm Beach

Had a wonderful lunch at Jonah at Palm Beach last sunday. Wonderful view, wonderful weather, wonderful food.

Had the tasting menu (A$80) of "White Asparagus with Yabby" and "Grilled Lamb Loin". The meal pretty decent, not impressive as i have tasted better, but certainly good enough to feel satisfied. However, what really left a lasting impression was the dessert! It was a pana cotta shaped like a cone and it WOBBLES! So it kinda looked like we were having 2 big tits for desserts! It was hilarious! I laughed off my sockets and the diners around me laughed too when I gave my plate a jiggle, causing my P.C to jiggle too! I knew I had to share this pix instantly!

During lunch, this woman seated before me was so animated in her conversation she caught my attention. Surpriingly, I was quite intrigued with her every moves. From her smile, to her hands waving and her voice. I couldnt quite tear myself from looking at her somehow. I think if I am a guy, I would be pretty attracted to her. She is not exactly a beauty persay, but she is poised especially one that looks collected with a smile to match.

After lunch. Cruise to Manly beach. Along the way, I spotted this bald guy had a shining top to match his shining beaming wide wheel rims of his BMW. I missed his wheels in the shot, but who can miss his gleaming top? :)

Strolled along Manly beach walk and chanced upon the bath. I love this concept of a swimming pool within the sea, using sea water. It's a unique concept to me since we never have that, nor can we afford to with that gross disgusting sea water of ours in singapore.

The sea bath was so inviting, with the light reflecting off in every angle from the glittering surface. It was like a siren, beckoning me to jump in, even though i was honestly feeling quite chilly. I didnt know how the ozzies ard me were walking in bikini when I was layered up with my denim jacket. My only conclusion, I need more human insulation all around me (instead of just my belly!) - aka "FATS".

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