Friday, October 19, 2007

My first attempt on pineapple upside down cake

Tried to bake pineapple upside cake today...hmm.. didnt turn out as well as I like. It was a little too sweet

For one, I used caster sugar instead of sugar, so it turn out abit too sweet for my taste. Plus I always forget that recipes always tend to over exaggerate on sugar bit. However the brown carmel really sweeten the sour pineapple, so that top part was really good. When done, it tasted and smelled extactly like the CNY pineapple tarts! Yummy! (and goes really well with vanilla icecream!)

Secondly, i FORGOT the baking powder. Drats.

Thirdly, I cannot locate "cake flour" in the mall so i have to add mroe plain flour which ended up my cake tasted alittle too "floury"

Fourthly, I think I need to have a more accurate measurment and conversion table next time before i start... all the portions were out of whack!

Oh well, better luck next time when I am not so rushed! I hate it when I have to share kitchen. However, final verdict was that it was still pretty alrite!

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