Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Never saw this coming...

I swear i never saw this day coming....

I was having late lunch with Stan, and being that I didnt want a big meal spoiling my dinner... we agree to head to the foodcourt area and share some bites.

Stan left it to me to pick my choice, being that I am the fussier one.. I told him I felt like fastfood. I havent had fastfood for ages. Its not a craving, it was a simple solution which I thought then would be a quick and done deal.

I "hunted" for Macs. To my dismay, it was a small takeaway counter with some pathetic seats nearby. That I can do. So two of us, stood before counter and look up. A min silence, then I "screamed" my indigance!

"This is fucking rip off!" I said as i stared at the board menu.
Silence from Stan.
"Are they fucking crazy?!!! $7 for nuggests??" I said again.
We looked at each other, and our feet naturally gravitated away and Stan pointed to KFC next door.

Again, we stood side by side and stared at the menu board.

"Ok, this looks more decently priced!" I said.
"Same lah" Stan said.
"But its freaking $7 for nuggets for macs! This is at least a choice of $2 plus" I said
"That one meal mah" stan said
"Still I am not shelving good A$7 for MACS! That's like what? $10 bucks in sg!"
Stan said "ya lor"
"So how" I said
Silence from Stan

"3 chicken wings, not enough to share" Stan viewed when he continued to stare at the board.
"Ya. 3 chickens each too much" I said, also staring at the board
A min silence ensued...
Let's go check out Hungry Jacks"
It sounded like a brillant idea to both (or at least i thot so)

So we detoured to the other end round the escalator and stared at the menu board.
"Why on earth
will they have 7 piece nuggets?" I said.
"Yah lor. So weird" Stan laughed.
"But at least the price is more decent here" I said.
"So how to share like that? How? What do u think? " I added
"Onion rings?" Stan ventured.
"Yah and a coke. Sounds good" I replied.
"Ok. DOne deal. the most, we have 3.5 nuggets each. Better than $7 for macs nuggets" I commented again.
Stan laughed and we Q.

Minutes later, as we were munching on the rings at the table, a thought crossed my head and i told him...

"Stan... (*Silent Pause. Only chewing sound*).... you know....I cannot believe what we just did. Did we actually just had to choose between fast food chains?"


"I never thought I will live a day to think, that we will be fucking comparing fast food prices!!" I groaned in sudden realisation.

*Laughters followed... *

I have descended to the lowest depth of my Singaporean "cheapo-ness".
Oh how I have fallen!!!

PS: Stan had
the 4th nugget! 3.5 was wishful thinking on my part....

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