Monday, October 15, 2007

Budapest Trip: Day 0 (enroute Bangkok):

1. Flew BA for first leg.

Hate it. Great flat bed in business class and all that jazz, but service? Service is not terribly impressive. Flight food is again a letdown, and the pecan pie is the 2nd worse dessert I ever have for a reputable carrier...
Counting down...11hrs flight.

2. Flew Malev from Bangkok to Budapest.

Warning: Business class seats do NOT recline.
It is those wide leather seats that can only do prob 30degrees seat recline. And they do not have those individual entertainment systems. It is those screening of one BIG screen sort..with old movies (I heard). However, I actually manage to sleep thru 95% of the flight (yes i was that dead tired). Service is good and friendly (quite motherly actually) and the food tasted good.

They didnt have English Breakfast tea on board (I read that Hungary are supposedly not too good with tea except Earl Grey, but getting better). I was terribly disappointed since that is about the only milk tea I like. I detest Earl Grey. The sharp taste doesnt sit well with me. My feelings prob clearly showed through my half awoken face and my stwardess prompted me with Twinnings "Vanilla and Fig". She was pretty convinced it would be a nice alternative and so I went for it in a leap of faith, but mainly because she was so nice and motherly convincing ( U know the mum type who try to coax u naively to take the gross cough medicine when u are 5, and whispering everything is fine sort?) Turns out she is right, I like the tea. The vanilla really works well with the milk!
Counting down: 10hours flight.

When I was looking out of the windows, I saw the most beautiful skyline. The horizon as the day breaks. I was momentarily muted by the wonderful yet simple infinite, unending splash of black, blue gold and orange colours before me. While I dun have a great shot (with a small blur plane window limitation), try to visualise the whole skyline filling up before you just like these...It's an incredible feeling to so be close to nature's haunting beauty...Those damn lucky pilots...

I landed in Budapest soil at 5.45am. Horray!

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