Thursday, October 25, 2007

My very good oreo cheesecake

Decided to bake my oreo cheesecake today. (My Oreo Cheesecake recipe)

Firstly bored, secondly there isnt any good dessert near my place. Thirdly, having dinner with Jamie and Amy on Monday and so I thought I will bring something since Jamie is cooking.

I fiddled with the recipe slightly and instead of using oreo chocolate biscuit, I used the original white cream ones. It turned out just as perfect and closer to the New york cheesecake taste as u do not get the melted chocolate now. And because of the oreo, I cut back on the 1 cup sugar to balance the taste. Secondly, I discovered by chance that a 9inch round pan works better than 8 inch one. Thirdly, I learned that I should whip the cheese mix really soft before i throw in the eggs --> Gives the final product a softer filling.

Final verdict, everyone loves my cheesecake. I was truly happy!! All I need is to finish
the topping with fresh cream whipped and strawberries on top (and icecream by the side)!

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