Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 1 + 2 Budapest: St Pete Basilica

As I was coming back from Buda castle and walking on the chain bridge, I caught a glimpse of the Budapest Parliment House and it certainly looked majestic and imposing like a basilica!

While looking for dinner, Stumble to St Peter Basilica (catholic church)..
Day view of the dome

Nite view of the dome

Just the lane in front of St Pete, passed by this restaurant named TG. Had to laugh aloud because the person who agree to this slogan advert of Johnie walker obviously wasnt thinking clearly. Just Right under the TG restuarant logo, the other liquor advert says "Keep Walking"

It definitely is NOT a way to win patronage if u ask me! (Incidentally I did try the food there and it was not nice. So trust their signage - KEEP WALKING away!) ha!

DAY 2: Exploring St Pete Basilica:

Reached the church about 10am and to my amazement, there wasnt a crowd. No tour bus, no tourist. Just the ususal day to day passing pedestrian and church goers. Only a group of Japnese tourists arrived about 10.30am. This is truly paradise and I am still rubbing my hands in glee at mu unexpected good fortune:)

Main Doorway to enter the holy premise

The "Holy Right Hand of King Henry" enshrined...

The other side of St Pete at the back, facing Andrassy Ut Road

(The road is now one of UNESCO World Heritage.

This street was constructed as part of the nation's millennium celebrations in 1896, along with the M1 metro, which runs beneath it. It was started in 1872 and took twelve years to complete. Since then, it has been renamed several times: first after Prime Minister Andrassy, then it changed to Sztalin (i.e. Stalin) ut and after Stalin was denounced it was changed again to 'Avenue of the People's Republic'. Finally, in 1990 it changed back to Andrassy ut.)

A glimpse of St Pete Interior

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