Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rare Day out with Stan

Met Stan to see the aborigine art exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South wales today. Its a lovely week as the temp has dropped again. Its about 18-23degrees this week, nice and breezy. I wanted to catch the One Sun One Moon collection so stan obliged me. (quote abt the exhibition: In the ever-shifting cultural landscape of Indigenous Australia, One Sun One Moon catalogues a key moment of transition over the decades at the turn of the century to reveal the view from within a kaleidoscopic contemporary art movement.).

The good thing about museum exhibitions, they are educational, free, and a good use of time seeing all the different art pieces. We spent about 2 hours in the museum after going thru all the free perm collections and current exhibitions this month.

I was feeling a little peckish and we headed towards hyde park as stan said he saw some event going on there. When we got there, there was a live band playing and LOTSA people gathering and sitting on the open grass area, not surprisingly surrounded by beer and wine. It was a wine tasting event. Technically wine and food, but we only saw alco and no food. No surprise there... ha!

We headed back to stan's place and cooked dinner ( as i didnt "approve" of his "rabbit" meals) while he is the designated "washer". I was also trying to convince him how easy it was to cook this dish.
My oyster sauce chicken was warmly received *phew* and he said he will leave the cheesecake for breakfast! Instead for dessert, I introduce him to my version of " Vanilla icecream with chopped banana, sprinkled with generous spoons of milo powder" Apparently, Stan has never had icecream this way before. I laughed at him and quite frankly remarked "U ought to hang out with me more!!!"

The day quickly came to an end and halfway thru watching anime, i had to leave before it gets too late. It was a nice day. It's always nice to have an old fren to hang out with!

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