Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Unwanted attention freaks me out..

There's 2 things I do not handle very well, "over flattery" and "over familiarity" from people I do not know very well.

My landlord got a new dishwasher because the one in my unit broke down. So he got his building caretaker and plumber to come over and disconnect the old one. When I open the door, the plumber started saying things like "Oh u are even prettier than I expected even when the caretaker had told me". Initially I just smiled and said thanks but he went on and on about it till I didnt know what else to say or react. That is "over flattery" for me.

I was kinda alittle taken back I guess. Ok, probably that is how their western culture is like but I just found it really weird. To be honest, I wasnt really comfortable alone with 2 blokes in my unit, telling how attractive i look, and trying to be familiar with me, and worse, trying to put his hands on my shoulder like as if I know them very well. That is "over familiarity" for me.

I squirmed off as quickly as I can. The caretaker lingered around to fix the windows, placing a new latch lock. I was hoping he would leave quickly and stop meddling it for so long. He keep talking and talking and I wasnt even responding much. I think what creeps me out was that he said he remembered me from my first visit when checking out for places to rent. I didnt even see him! I was kinda speechless and gave a really weak smile when he told me he rem me. I was thinking to myself "ok, i really dun want to be rem by u lor.." Finally he left, after like 30mins for a 10mins (max) job. Thank god.

Today he dropped by again to check on the new dish washer. What really annoyed me the most was that even though I left a small gap in the main entrance for my landlord, the caretaker came in uninvited and didnt even knock or yell "Hello"!! So u can imagine my fright and shock when i turn around from my computer screen (chatting on msn) and found him standing behind me!!!! I freaked out big time. He still laughed and said he had been there for 10 mins. WHAT THE FUCK?!!! If that is not creepy, I am not sure what is. I send him off to the door in split seconds. I think I watched too many crime investigations shows and so I am highly paranoid.

Shortly later, I picked up and stayed on the phone immediately till the blokes were done fixing up my dishwasher. I didnt want to be anywhere near those guys or let them have a chance to talk or come near me. While I was taking confort on the phone, my other poor fren on msn whom i told about the "home invasion" was getting worried with his imaginations when I didnt response to his messages that he got really panicky and started calling our common fren. Luckily I replied quickly enough before he loses his head! Still, I was really appreciative.

Stan was jokingly asking me if i was dressing too sexy. I told him, short of wearing a bloody face veil like the Abrabians to cover my face, I was in a bloody long sleeve jersey top and long pants. So i am positively not looking my best, and I asked him, "Why must it always be something the woman wear that becomes the top question? Why canx it be that men are just arseholes?" Then I berated him for next few mins... poor chap.. haa haaa

I think the next time, I am not going to stick around and just ask the landlord to be around when he needs to fix things in my apartment... Yicks!!!

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