Friday, November 30, 2007

Catching up in facebook

Quite a number of old frens found me in facebook. If I had said it before, I am saying it again, facebook is super good and they deserve the slogan "Connecting People" much better than Nokia.

Was pretty amusing coz one chap added me as friend and for the life of me, i couldnt rem him offhand. I mean i recognise his pix as someone that I know I have seen before in Uni but i simply couldnt rem anything about him. So i had to apologetically confesss that I couldnt rem anything of our past exchanges in uni.

When he wrote back I had a laugh. Apparently he was from the same Computer Engineering batch as me, and that we share a few tutorials and also that he had always been copying my lab work and results etc because my sessions were before his. I laughed and wrote back, "Damn suddenly i found so many guys telling me they use to copy my lectures, tutorials and lab works etc and yet, I never rem any of those! I should have started a charging service! Not entreprenuer enough!!! :P"

Its amusing, how we always rem whom we copied our notes from, but never the people who copied from us.


Ah Dom said...

I agree. Facebook is really amazing and I have re-connected myself to so mnay friends that I have almost forgotten :) Oh by the way, I am back... Take Care.

"me-no-mad" said...

ya ya! So y are in christchurch now happily settling in?