Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Homeware shopping is so fun!

After late lunch at Bronte, we went retail at Bondi Junction.

Both of us are terrible.... our eyes always end up looking at those nice nice homeware stuff... pretty but not exactly cheap....

Gwenie is doing up her new bedroom loft unit in sg and so buying home decor is now one of her current passion. I am basically a person who just love furnishing and homeware shopping by nature, so I am happy to tag along and give inputs...

I took her to a few of my favorites, which is mainly Bed & Linen, Wheels & Barrow ( and my top bet, Papaya ( We also pop by other stores which basically are concept shops and its just amazing at the diffrent things out there!!

We spend most of our time in Papaya and gwen was in love with the stuff there as well. Our eyes were busy, brains whizzing away and mentally checking out what to buy. Finally, both of us shortlisted the thing. At the end of the scouting trip, we both spotted the same item with intricate cravings and our eyes couldnt tear away from it. So we stood there for good 15mins discussin what we can do with it and thinking of where we can place it to decorate our place.

I had to grab my Apple Peach Active Air candles from Dusk ( before they closed and so we decided to get back to Papaya tomorrow, esp its late night shopping on thurs! I love this candle to bits because it simple smell so gorgeous! Even when I dun lit the wick, the candle on its own already has a very nice fragrance...Just the perfect thing in an enclose room.

When we went back to Papaya, it was already closed but we know we will be back! Meanwhile, its heading to Kingsford to buy our indonesia chicken rice and rendang beef. Dinner was hot spicy and the spiciness just reminds me of home! Gwennie really knows her food!!!

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