Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sea Sculptures at Bondi Beach

Spent the whole day at the beach yesterday… checking out the annual sea sculptures at Bondi to Tamara Beach.

The morning begun in a frantic chaos...As i told stan over late lunch, i must have fulfilled the daily 1km dash quota to and fro between my apartment and station from my usual forgetfulness...but hey at least i remembered his anime this time! Though i was smart enuff not to carry the grater with me to pass to him ;p

The weather has been fab this whole week after weeks of rain. The sea was incredibly blue and definitely heating up. I love the smell of the sea whereas Stan commented “Smells like dead fish”. i was like “WHAT!! This is NOT dead dish!! This is the smell of seaweed!!” Stan was like oh yah.

It was an “intensive” day as we moved from one sculpture to another at the pace of a snail with its home on its back. Come to think of it, the whole trail was done mostly in silence with each of us focused in the different works and taking shots. I think any conversations would have been excessive and distracting.

Of course the only time i thought was funny to say anything was when i was mocking his seemingly atrraction to the flies. As repeated outings (statistics) have shown, I told stan it was truly handy to have him ard because he attracted all the flies away from me :P I have officially labelled him “THE FLIES MAGNET”. It was really funny coz the flies were like swarming all over his face, resting on his bag and back. And i was standing next to him the whole time without even realising there was any flies as they left me completely alone. Stan was totally flabberghasted and annoyed and he couldnt comprehend why they left me alone and attack him. I said “Prob coz I have my perfume on” “WHAT BRAND ARE YOU USING!!!” “Hugo?” I replied. “That’s IT! I AM SPRAYING HUGO perfume next time!!! Which one! I will buy it and use it!! Quick tell me!!!” I laughed so hard…

The 15mins coastal walk ended up to be an over 3hours outdoor excursion for us. There were simply so much to see and the works were amazing!

“Was a good day eh” i remarked to Stan as we were slowly making our way back to Bondi
“Yeah it was good” Stan said
“Glad you are on leave and came with me” I said.
“Yeah glad I am on leave!”
It was truly a good day.

As we climbed up the stairs with the sun setting behind us, Stan commented
“I smell Toast”
“Yeah.” I replied.

He just reminded me how hungry i was getting. It was 6pm.

***(we continue to walk)***

The smell continues to toy with our senses in the next silent minute. In sudden unison we said
“Burnt Toast!!!” and laughed. Didnt know why but it was just funny at that tired moment.

As we ended up on the bus back, both stan and I were exhausted. I told him “It felt as if we just finished the most intensive 4hr exam paper!” He laughed and agreed.

As I was washing up that nite, it was with much satisfaction that i have landed myself with a brown nose (despite the sun screen) and a white watch band on my wrist.


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