Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dinner at Pancakes at the rock (Sydney)

It was settled that we will drive to the Rocks and have dinner at "Pancakes at the Rock".
As we blast the music and driving thru town with windows down, it felt like a friday nite instead of thurs! The day was turning to dusk quite nicely with a pleasant blue/

Parking is horrendous. We found a lot after circling for good 15mins but this bloody australian white trailer trash bitch (with car plate YPY 344) cut us and drove straight into our lot even though we were there first signaling and giving space to the previous car to drive out! We wind down the window to politely tell her but she just brushed us off with "whatever" reply and gave us that slut face of hers. Gwen was furious and said to her that she had no driving ettique but obviously the other party didnt care. I simply just call her a fking bitch in her face before we drove off . Just cannot believe the nerves of some people! No wonder some people deserve the worst in life with such attitude of theirs. We bet they wont dare do that if we look just as trashy as them or if we were guys. However, being trained as professionals, we told Gwen to just go off and ignore such people. They will get their retributions (hopefully)...

Dinner was fabulous and the ribs were great! We had BBQ beef and Honey soya pork ribs, with a choc pancake (with choc icecream and strawberries) and macademian pancake to share...It was heavenly.....and not that expesnive either. came up to $27 per person for a really full meal!

The nite passes by soooo quickly. Apart from the small hitch with that white trash, the day had been otherwise perfect!

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