Friday, November 30, 2007

Music talk

Gave Gwen the extra mp3 music cd I have compiled from all my cd collections.

Its funny how some songs sounds damn good while you are driving and blasting away for the beat, and some for the chill when you are stuck behind the wheels in a jam.

Interestingly Yun growing up in Sydney had never heard of Indecent Obsession - Fixing a broken Heart, even though it was a huge hit in our highschool time Gwen said its prob a singapore thing..

I canx wait to head back to Singapore and sweep all the cds off the rack! I just do not like buying music online unless i hate the whole album. I am not sure if people realise that they are actually paying more for online music. Imagine A$99cents pers song vs a typical S$18 cd album (with abt 15 songs, plus the cd, plus the lyrics, plus the cover...), I will take the latter anytime...

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