Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chi Ba Boom, a nickname for life

Talk about “creative” nicknames… I never expected that some would stick like superglue.

I used to have this really super good back in highschool. Her hair use to get to her. She HAD the most natural frizz and lotsa hair so she would have try to tie it down in case “it looked like lion’s mane” as she used to say..Not remembering why , but probably partly cheekiness and out of pure affection, i started calling her “Chi Ba Boom!!” ard in school. (as u would describe an explosion sound for her hair). I never knew that it would would be how my other frens rem her as....:P

When we got reunited in facebook yesterday, she was telling me yesterday, about how embarrased she was when she was walking in orchard tunnel and someone yelled amongst the crowd, “Are u xxx CHI BA BOOM?” She coolly replied “yes i’m xx but no longer chi ba boom..” (Thank god for rebonding!)

“I never thought my past would come back and haunt me!” she told me jokingly.
I laughed till i was out of air. All the fun years in convent came flooding back!!

I think my dear old fren would prob groan and have a fit today if she knew that another IJ girl just asked me this morning.. “Is that xxx CHI BA BOOM?” :P

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