Thursday, November 22, 2007

Overdue Reunion!

Been over the moon this week because Gwen is here with me!!! My BFF since high school and everyone has been wondering what had happen to her since her move to sydney many years back. It has been pretty amazing considering we lost touch for several years and we just reunited in facebook recently. So it was a timely reunion as I get to catch her in time for her trip here!

I was so excited about her arrival that I could hardly slept well the nite before. The first day she landed and reach my place about 8.30am++, we talked and talked non stop till 2pm. We would have gone on if my tummy didnt start growling from hunger! So we made a trip to Bondi for sandwich and to do my post stuff. There was so much catching up to do that we barely stop chatting and it was close to 2am when we finally retire.

Its so nice to be back with my gf!!! Time flies and good friends are like vintage wine, the older we are, the better they get!

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