Saturday, November 24, 2007

Satay and prawn mee

Knowin how hopelessly lazy I am to explore sydney, Gwen decide to drive me around town and to sample the asian local food like satay, prawn mee, taiwan bubble tea etc. Its just so nice to have her company!

Due to the late night, i didnt wake her. So we headed out for late lunch at 4pm. Lunch was partially delayed as the rail had a derailment and so the train was late by half hour. Luckily we had so much to chat that the wait didnt really bother us. After we pick up the rented car, she drove me to North sydney for prawn mee (msia store) and it was good. Though i told her if would taste like mee siam if it is sour. We also had satay which is slightly different from singapore ones. For one its the fat and bigger version, and less charred.

When the satay came, it was just served in sticks and sauce. I looked at gwen and asked, "what happened to the cucumber and raw onions?" Gwen said "Hmmm, dont think they served it like that in sydney."

I stared at the satay for a good min and said "i think I will try asking anyway... no harm asking"

So i went to the lady and asked her in cantonese if she has any spare sliced cucumbers. The lady paused for a while and went to kitchen, back with a half bowl of fresh cucumbers. As i received it with my delighted face, she asked me "are u malaysian??" I smiled and said no "Singaporean" She nodded smiled as if it made perfect sense.
As me and gwen started eating our satay, I told gwen:

"Its amazing isnt it? One can tell where you are from, from the way you eat. Guess only Asians will actually eat it with cucumbers and onions, the australians would not know the "right" way to eat this.." Gwen laughed in agreement.

HB said that nite "Didnt you ask for the kueh Tu pa (rice cake as well)". I laughed. Now THAT would be really greedy!!

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